Akillis founder Caroline Gaspard lives and breathes her brand, radiating energy and designing iconoclastic collections that for almost a decade have stood as a manifesto of independence from the established norms of the third millennium.

Fashioned in the company’s workshops in France, Akillis jewellery is for free spirits who stand outside convention and dare to live differently. Akillis is a celebration of freedom. The success of Akillis adrenaline-charged lines offered the hunger, among both men and women, for a new kind of jewellery that allowed them to assert their personality.

Akillis has a characteristic unisex appeal that also transcends age. In an increasingly bland world taken over by globalisation, it has become a real luxury to be able to express one’s own style or mood and follow an individual agenda – one day a femme fatale, the next day, an innocent ingénue or powerful businesswoman.