Morganne Bello


A story of passion for gemstones…

The beauty and magic of gemstones are the founding inspiration of Morganne Bello. Our style is delicate, joyful, pure, of timeless elegance and so feminine. Our jewels reveal the magnetic beauty of gemstones. They remind us of happy moments, they have the power to illuminate each day with their fascinating colours and sensual glow.

Since our beginnings, Morganne Bello broke the rules of traditional jewellery. Our jewellery work is always discreet allowing each stone to shine out.

Our gems are not set but mostly mobile and worn in contact with the skin for a special connection with the energy of each stone. We only select the most beautiful natural stones which we relentlessly seek across the world from a network of suppliers we have patiently built over the years. We work with the best stone cutters mastering the art of making the gems shine following our
iconic multi-facetted cuts without front or back.

Our jewels can be worn in many ways, on a beach in summer, in a cocktail party, alone or stacked… Our creations accompany women in all their emotions and lifestyles.

For over 20 years, we have lived for our passion of gemstones, one of the most fascinating gifts Nature has passed down to us.